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Unleashing the Power of Human Capital

Stepping into the role of a new Chief HR Officer, you’re greeted with a maelstrom of challenges: mastering the dynamics of an unfamiliar business terrain, forging crucial relationships with colleagues, assessing your team’s strength, and gauging the HR maturity, while setting new operational rhythms. Amidst these challenges, there’s a hidden


3 Non-Negotiable Traits of a Turnaround CEO “Rockstar”

In my career as a Chief Human Resources Officer and owner of a human capital consultancy specializing in M&A management, I’ve worked with many CEOs who were accomplished, motivated and super smart.   However, CEOs who were rock stars in a wide variety of settings can fail in the unique


CEOs and Glassdoor. The New War or a Resource?

Need to find a good restaurant? Check Yelp reviews. Need to plan a vacation? Check Trip Advisor. Not sure about a product on Amazon? Check the reviews.   The power dynamic between buyer and seller has irrevocably shifted driven by technology platforms and transparency. This is the new reality. For

The CEO Talent Fitness Plan - What is Your Employer Brand

The CEO Talent Fitness Plan: What is Your Employer Brand?

One of my colleagues was once asked by executives at The Walt Disney Company what he thought their employer brand was. He instantly responded, “To create magic at great profit in the midst of chaos.” There was a collective gasp and then laughter. Many people have taken potshots at what

The CEO Talent Fitness Plan - The Praise Game

The CEO Talent Fitness Plan: The Praise Game

The most successful people in the world are quite gifted at praising others and accepting praise as it comes their way. Why is this so important for a CEO?   Praise fuels good throughout an organization. It moves people to do good for you and to go above and beyond for