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Human Capital for Investors

Strategy and Execution Require Human Capital Solutions

How confident are you that you have the talent required to deliver against your transformational objectives?

With today’s demanding business environment CEOs must produce results faster than ever before. Legacy HR methods must be updated to meet today’s talent needs.

We are a 90-day human capital solution for Operating Partners, CEOs, and CHROs. We assess your business strategy through a talent lens to identify where you need to be, where you are, and the fastest path to close the gap.

90consulting lives to meet the business needs that arise when change exceeds the strength of existing human capital. Our clients have counted on us to solve business problems. We have delivered. We can help you.

47% of operating partners believe value creation plans fail because the management team lacked the requisite skills to tackle big jobs.
Bain & Company, Global Private Equity Report
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So many acquisitions fall short of expectations because executives incorrectly match candidates to the strategic purpose of the deal.
Harvard Business Review, The New M&A Playbook
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In a major study, 69% of portfolio companies required a change out of the CEO and senior leadership with the average action taken over two years into the acquisition. These changes delay exit timing and lower valuations.
Epsen Fuller Group, Leadership Due Diligence
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More than 90% of companies lost market share within the first 9 months after an acquisition, with lack of attention to the people and culture during the transformation process as a prime culprit.
Harvard Business Review, Human Due Diligence
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Critical Focus Areas


Prioritizing to ensure talent is aligned with business strategy

In SMB organizations, allocating resources against the most critical requirements will drive business results. We have helped our clients smartly separate those things they must do now from those they can improve later. Do you always work on the most important people things?


Building accountability for talent outcomes

Working with boards and CEOs for years has taught us that to achieve talent outcomes requires building specific talent accountabilities. Our unique ability to align organizations against their priority talent requirements has driven important business outcomes. Consider this: What kind of strategic advantage could be created by talking with your board about talent before approving financials.


Adopting a more nimble talent organization

SMB organizations don’t have the luxury of unlimited resources to meet key business priorities. We have helped our clients drive speed, scalability, and cost efficiency to meet specific talent challenges. How much could you leverage resources by targeting specific human capital capabilities rather than adding permanent headcount?


Shattering traditional HR

We help our clients allocate talent capital and human capital spend using traditional financial measures. How would measuring ROI for your people investments improve your organizational accountability?


Optimizing for talent ROI

Putting everything together requires a healthy balance of science and art, placing a premium on experience. We have helped our clients reduce spend, improve impact, and drive execution. Does your current human resources team do that?

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