The CEO Talent Fitness Plan: A Conversation With Your Chief HR Officer

The CEO Talent Fitness Plan - A Conversation with your Chief HR Officer

I’m inviting you to take a journey through your organization to evaluate how strongly your talent is meeting the needs of the business, to build a few new skills and to become more connected to leading your culture.


This week, let’s take a look at human resources. Here are a few questions for you to answer. I suggest writing the questions down and writing out answers in your own handwriting:


1.   Is your human resources group a strategic talent-driven organization or an environment filled with tasks where performance is measured by activity? How is your answer impacting the organization?

2.   Is your Chief Human Resources Officer a “doer” or a strongly developed business strategist? Regardless of how strongly balanced this colleague is, what would you like to see in terms of strategic capacity?

3.   How strong is this individual in terms of coaching and advising you in how to lead the culture and build your own human capital sensibilities? What kind of information and insights could they bring to you that would be helpful and even exciting?

4.    Finally, please examine your own behavior. Have you been somewhat “hands-off” with people and talent issues? How is your answer impacting the organization?


Meet with your top human resources professional – regardless the title. Let him or her know that you are taking a look at all things talent over the next 90 days and that you want to be as helpful as possible and that you want the same. If you are working in a small environment, you might be back for several more conversations. Or, you will be exploring other environments in the talent area – all to get more engaged with the process.


Let’s begin with asking a few questions:

  1   How well are we linking talent to the business needs of the organization? Ask for evidence. Ask that he or she articulate the strategy. Evaluate how they weave the narrative in from a business point-of-view.

  2   If I became more involved and effective in leading our culture, what could you teach me?

  3   What are some of the challenges I’m creating for talent at the organization?

 4   How would you describe our single biggest talent challenge today?

 5   In 90 days, how would you envision my becoming more fit on the topic of talent?



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