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3 Non-Negotiable Traits of a Turnaround CEO “Rockstar”

In my career as a Chief Human Resources Officer and owner of a human capital consultancy specializing in M&A management, I’ve worked with many CEOs who were accomplished, motivated and super smart.   However, CEOs who were rock stars in a wide variety of settings can fail in the unique


CEOs and Glassdoor. The New War or a Resource?

Need to find a good restaurant? Check Yelp reviews. Need to plan a vacation? Check Trip Advisor. Not sure about a product on Amazon? Check the reviews.   The power dynamic between buyer and seller has irrevocably shifted driven by technology platforms and transparency. This is the new reality. For

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The #1 Skill to Build, Find and Promote in Tomorrow’s Workers

For years, many professionals’ education began by keeping up the grades, going to a good school, getting that degree and finding a great job. Then, for many, learning stopped. The acceleration of the modern workplace makes education obsolete on a daily basis. Today’s degree is often obsolete before the ink

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Where is the Complete and Total Disruption of HR Taking Us?

As technology disrupts virtually every profession, those of us who develop the skills to change ourselves are finding new opportunities. For example, software and outsourcing is eliminating many of the day-to-day tasks that dominated personnel then human resources and now, human capital. From the surface, the renaming of our profession

The Blind Spot - Why Many New CEOs Fail and Investors Suffer

The Blind Spot – Why Many New CEOs Fail and Investors Suffer

Successful CEOs are masters at getting the greatest value out of time and new CEOs are under unique pressure to meet business objectives quickly. Boards and investors expect rapid turnarounds to meet hold-period objectives and their patience is understandably low. A 2016 study demonstrates that 69% of new Private Equity CEOs get