Where is the Complete and Total Disruption of HR Taking Us?

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As technology disrupts virtually every profession, those of us who develop the skills to change ourselves are finding new opportunities. For example, software and outsourcing is eliminating many of the day-to-day tasks that dominated personnel then human resources and now, human capital. From the surface, the renaming of our profession might seem like a minor semantic adjustment when, in fact, every aspect of how we work and show up is transforming.


 Much of the news about work demonizes change rather than pointing out the remarkable opportunities emerging throughout the global workplace. We hear more about people being kicked to the curb by change rather than all of the new professions and opportunities that harken a different life.


You see, every significant advancement of technology offers someone new freedom. The greatest disruption of all and the greatest freedoms are being offered to task workers. Anyone whose worked up the ranks of human resources knows exactly what this means. Reading hundreds of resumes, finishing dozens of claims, enrolling thousands of workers, responding to miles of governmental red tape have served as pavement to successful human resource careers. But, for those who have not yet grown beyond that work, the end of task work is quite threatening.


And yet, in the midst of this transmutation, the importance of human capital and talent is moving front row and center in determining the success or failure of any organization. Employer brand now trumps consumer brands. The ability of a CEO to lead her or his culture now elevates the roll of the chief talent officer. The quality and drive of one’s talent is essential to category leadership. Therefore, this new world doesn’t reward us for the quantity of our tasks. This new model rewards us for our ability to think and to be accountable for business results.


 Two years ago, my business coach was praising me for developing the courage to launch 90 Consulting and turn it into a successful enterprise. I responded, “I didn’t have any choice!” When we take stock of what is really happening to work, the introductory course can be frightening. The mid-terms are only more scary. Later, we realize we had no alternative but to change and embrace a new world that turns out to be far more interesting, that pushes us to grow in ways we could never envision, and that actually performs the alchemy of turning us into new people. The alternative is to stick our head in the sand and hope the human resources death angel doesn’t find us.


But wait!


My commitment to you is to not just point out the reasons to be afraid, but to actually support the growth of my readers. In that spirit, here are a few questions that I suggest you write down and answer.


  • If technology is giving me freedom from tasks, what is the best use of my time?


  • Describe the benefits that would emerge if I learn sales & presentation skills.


  • What most frightens me about the changes in this profession and why?


  • What do I want to do with freedom?


  • How can I learn my way forward?


All that I propose is learnable. Let’s learn our way forward.


Study the business leaders who are personifying the best thinking in human capital today. Pay attention to innovations that work in our profession. Seek out the counsel of human capital executives that demonstrate courage and brilliance. Instead of more “certifications,” find the learning opportunities that foster creativity, strategic thinking, and big-picture career development.



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